Low-Efficiency vs High-Efficiency Air Filters – Choosing The Right One

People who are concerned about the air quality in their home must think very hard about how they are going to keep their indoor air environment clean. Air filters are a great way to prevent contaminants from spreading through the HVAC system, but that does not mean that the high-efficient air filter in your home is necessarily going to be the most effective filter. Depending on the types of problems people have and how their HVAC system was designed, the use of a high-efficiency air filter could actually cause more harm to the system and outweigh any benefits of improved indoor air quality.


The MERV Scale

The MERV Scale is also known as the “Minimum Efficiency Reported Value” scale. It is the scale by which air filters are rated. The number that the filter receives on the scale indicates how efficient the filter is in stopping air contaminants from passing through the HVAC system.


MERV 1-4

Numbers 1 to 4 on the scale indicate filters that will hold back particulates that are greater than 10 microns. Items such as pollen, dust and cockroach debris, sanding dust, spray paint fibers and carpet fibers can be stopped by these filters. These are the lowest filters on the scale, but they are still effective at dealing with the most common contaminants that find their way into the HVAC system. Read the rest of this entry »

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Once you have made the decision to purchase a Tensa barrier that features a built in braking system, that will help you keep your customers safe, while serving as an effective crowd control device, there is one more thing that you need to decide upon. You need to choose what type of base that you would like the barrier to have, and how you would like the barrier to set in your establishment.

As far as bases are concerned, there are many different types of bases to choose from. Two of the most popular bases are the standard universal bases, along with the heavy duty bases. The standard bases can suffice in areas that do not get a lot of people. However, if your company is consistently dealing with customers, you may want to invest a little bit more money to get a heavy duty base that can withstand the movement of people in and out of your facility.

Barriers are often played with by children who are accompanied by their parents. They will run between them, and sometimes even hang off of them. Ensuring that the barrier has a strong base, will ensure that the barrier cannot easily be taken down, injuring any of your customers or their children.

After deciding upon the base that you would like to employ, then you need to consider how you want the Tensa barrier to sit. There are two different options that you have. You can choose to have the barriers placed in a free-standing position. Free standing will mean the barriers will not be connected to anything, but other existing barriers.

You also have the option of mounting the barrier against the wall. This is a popular choice, for larger businesses that see a lot of people throughout the day. It will also decrease the chances of the barriers being knocked over for whatever reason.